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[20141005 Weibo Trans] He's already like this, what reason do you not have to fight for him? →


trans: epikey | source _Valley

TL;DR - some (photo) evidence and explanation of his illness.

*Medical terminology may not be/are not accurate.


I don’t know what reason you have to not do something right for Luhan?

The people who truly like Luhan - they will always look from the…

Soo sad knowing that :(

After the countless times you've taken care of your members 
Now is the time to take care of yourself with rest

Get well soon!!!

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Books are, let’s face it, better than everything else.

Nick Hornby, The Polysyllabic Spree

Book Geek Quote #590

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[… ]because I sometimes have moments of such despair, such despair … Because in those moments I start to think that I will never be capable of beginning to live a real life; because I have already begun to think that I have lost all sense of proportion, all sense of the real and the actual; because, what is more, I have cursed myself; because my nights of fantasy are followed by hideous moments of sobering! And all the time one hears the human crowd swirling and thundering around one in the whirlwind of life, one hears, one sees how people live—that they live in reality, that for them life is not something forbidden, that their lives are not scattered for the winds like dreams or visions but are forever in the process of renewal, forever young, and that no two moments in them are ever the same; while how dreary and monotonous to the point of being vulgar is timorous fantasy, the slave of shadow, the of the idea, the slave of the first cloud that covers the sun […]
— Excerpt from White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. (via mastadons) Finally I find a new book to read!!!

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[Photos] CNBLUE for The FNC Magazine No.2 

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Quiero esta revista!!!




Agree 100 %



Agree 100 %

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I love so much read!!! they’re my best friend and they bring me peace!!!

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My little sister have like 5 of them!!!

My little sister have like 5 of them!!!


Each day, we all fight for what we believe, in some way, shape or form.

Sometimes we forget though.  We get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to fight.  We forget that there are people still out there fighting.  When I saw this video, I was forcibly reminded of everyone out there taking a stand for the cause they believe in. I was inspired to do the same.

Fight for equality.  Spread the love, and spread the light <3  

We all are the same!!!